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An Introduction

What is Addiction?
And what can be done about it?

Addiction is a chronic disorder characterized by compulsive drug use or engaging in a particular behavior despite adverse consequences.
Addiction alters brain function, leading to physical and psychological dependence.
Seeking professional help at a recovery center live LVRC is crucial. Here are some important reasons.

  • Recovery centers offer specialized treatment programs tailored to individual needs, addressing the complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors underlying addiction.

  • Medical supervision ensures safe detoxification, particularly for substance addictions where withdrawal symptoms can be severe or life-threatening.

  • Recovery centers provide a supportive environment, free from triggers and distractions, enabling individuals to focus on their recovery journey.

  • Holistic approaches encompass various therapeutic modalities, including counseling, behavioral therapies, and complementary treatments, addressing the multifaceted aspects of addiction.
  • Recovery centers like ours, also engage in aftercare planning, arming individuals with the necessary tools and resources to maintain post-treatment sobriety.

Overall, seeking professional help at a Leona Valley Recovery Center enhances the prospects of successful recovery by providing comprehensive, evidence-based care within a supportive and structured environment.

We Solve Real Problems

A Quick Overview of Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our drug and alcohol detox program is designed to help people overcome their addiction and start on the road to recovery.

Residential Treatment Program

The Leona Valley RC residential rehab program is an inpatient treatment program that provides 24-hour care and supervision in a safe, structured environment.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program provides patients with the structure of residential treatment and the flexibility of outpatient care. Today, PHP programs are a leader in addiction recovery, providing patients with a perfect balance of clinical treatment and home recovery.

Addiction Therapy Programs

Addiction therapy is essential to successful recovery. At Leona Valley Recovery, we know each client’s addiction experience is unique; that’s why our addiction therapy programs provide a range of psychological services. Our addiction therapy programs balance evidence-based treatment with spiritual care and relapse prevention planning.

Yeranuhi Ghazaryan

CEO, Co-Founder

Samvel Hayrapetyan

CFO, C0-Founder

Dr. Jonathan Reitman

MD, Addiction Medicine

Yura Movsisyan

LVRC Spokesperson, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

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