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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox

At Leona Valley Recovery Center, we offer honest assessment and individualized treatment at our drug and alcohol detox center in California. We believe a focused, personalized approach works best in treating addiction.

Our drug and alcohol detox program is designed to help people overcome their addiction and start on the road to recovery. We offer a variety of treatments and therapies that are tailored to each individual’s needs. Contact Leona Valley Recovery at 888.702.1852 to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox center.

What Is Detox?

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of allowing the body to rid itself of a substance. This can be done through various means, but detoxing at a professional treatment center increases the chances of a successful recovery. Attempting to stop “cold turkey” is dangerous and can even be life-threatening due to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that often accompany detoxification.

While withdrawal can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, it is a necessary step in the recovery process.

How to Manage Withdrawal Symptoms

For those that regularly abuse drugs and alcohol, a dependency can form. Once a person is dependent upon a substance, their body becomes accustomed to its presence. If they try to stop using the substance, withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Withdrawal symptoms vary depending upon the substance abused but can include:





Nausea and vomiting




Muscle aches and pains



Intense cravings for drugs or alcohol

Luckily, there are a number of options to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make the detox process more tolerable. At Leona Valley RC, we are committed to you and a successful recovery.

What Happens After Detox?

Detox is only the first step on the road to recovery. Once detox is complete, it is important to begin working on the underlying causes of addiction. This can be done through various means, such as therapy, counseling, and support groups, usually in an inpatient setting.

At Leona Valley RC, our inpatient treatment program can treat 6 people at a time, as we have only six beds to give each one personal attention and exclusive treatment benefits. This focused, intimate approach allows us to tailor your treatment to your unique needs. On a limited basis, we also offer a partial hospitalization program where you return home in the evenings but spend your days in a highly structured treatment environment.

Leona Valley offers a mixture of evidence-based therapeutic modalities and holistic approaches to treatment and recovery. For most people struggling with substance use disorder, a combination of therapies will be employed. Some of the proven and effective therapies we use include:


Medication Assistant Treatment (MAT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Integrated Change Therapy (ICT)

Motivational Therapies

Group therapy

Family therapy

Spiritual advising


Leona Valley Recovery Center is dedicated to finding the right mix of therapies for your individual needs. We know that the traditional approach to addiction treatment is flawed, and we are committed to forging a new, better path to recovery one person at a time.

Residential Treatment Program

For those struggling with addiction, the decision to seek treatment is the beginning of the recovery journey, but many challenges, obstacles, and distractions yet remain. A professional residential treatment program offers the best chance for success, providing around-the-clock care and support in a safe, structured environment.


Leona Valley Recovery Center’s residential treatment program is located in California and offers a wide range of treatment services to help patients overcome addiction. Contact us at 888.702.1852 for more information or to get started on your journey of recovery.


What Is a Residential Rehab Program?

A residential rehab program is an inpatient treatment program that provides 24-hour care and supervision in a safe, structured environment. Residential rehab programs offer a wide range of services, including individual and group therapy, medical supervision, and addiction education.


For most people, the journey towards recovery begins with detox, then residential rehab, but it does not always occur in that order. Some individuals need the structured support and therapy of residential rehab, having already rid themselves of drugs and alcohol.


At Leona Valley Recovery Center, we offer a 30-day residential treatment program with a capacity of six beds. The small, intimate number of clients allows us to truly focus on each individual. The traditional approach to addiction treatment is flawed, and we believe that a more focused, individualized approach offers the best results.


Therapeutic Options at Our Residential Treatment Program in Leona Valley, California

Since we believe in providing each client an honest assessment of where they are starting and devising a personalized treatment plan that gives them the best chance of recovery, we take a varied approach to treatment.

Our professional and compassionate staff use a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities along with holistic approaches to provide treatment and healing. This tailored treatment plan will help change thoughts and behaviors while providing coping skills that will help prevent relapse once a client returns to their customary manner of living.

Some of the therapeutic approaches employed by Leona Valley RC include:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

Behavioral modification (ABA)

Integrated Change Therapy (ICT)

Motivational Therapies

Spiritual advising

Stress management

Based upon the needs and responses of the client, the mix of therapeutic approaches may be modified to meet the client’s individual needs and maximize their chance of a successful recovery.


The Cost of Residential Treatment at Leona Valley Recovery Center

Financial concerns or uncertainty are one of the biggest obstacles to seeking treatment. Many individuals want help but are unclear on how much it costs or whether their insurance will cover it.

At Leona Valley RC, we understand this concern and do not believe financial uncertainty should preclude anyone from getting the treatment they need and deserve.

We are an out-of-network provider for several major insurance companies, including:




Blue Shield of CA


United Healthcare

In addition, we accept private pay clients and are more than willing to answer any additional questions you have about financing or paying for your treatment. Please call us at 888.702.1852 to learn more.

Partial Hospitalization Program

At Leona Valley Recovery, we know each client’s road to recovery is unique. That’s why we provide a range of addiction treatment programs in California. Our partial hospitalization program provides clients with the structure of residential treatment and the flexibility of outpatient care. Today, PHP programs are a leader in addiction recovery, giving clients a balance between clinical treatment and home recovery.


If you or someone you love is ready for outpatient treatment in Leona Valley, CA, call Leona Valley Recovery today. Our range of treatment programs includes partial hospitalization for addiction treatment with comprehensive therapies and spiritual care. Call us now at 888.702.1852 to learn if the PHP at Leona Valley Recovery is right for you.


What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program For Addiction Recovery?

Also called PHP, partial hospitalization is the highest level of outpatient rehab. Outpatient programs provide clients with the same therapy, group work, and recovery tools as inpatient treatment. The only difference is outpatient clients sleep at home. This can make PHPs more affordable than inpatient treatment while providing the same level of care, support, and resources. This can also make PHPs a great choice for people balancing home, work, school, family life, and recovery.

Partial hospitalization programs are the demanding level of outpatient care, requiring the client to spend several hours at the clinic each day. During their time at the clinic, clients meet with individual, group, and family therapists. They also work on relapse prevention plans and spiritual care in our intimate treatment center.

Is a PHP Right For Me?

PHPs are a great alternative to inpatient care, however they may not be right for everyone at every stage of recovery. Some signs PHP treatment is right for you might include:

You just finished residential treatment and are ready to transition to home life with addiction therapy and support

You have a safe, drug-free home environment to promote sobriety

You have time and flexibility to visit the clinic for several hours a day

You have reliable transportation to get to and from the clinic daily

You’re highly independent

You thrive with daily schedules and structure

You have a job, school, or family obligations that allow some flexibility

You have sober support at home and in the community

You are ready to connect with the local sober community

Partial hospitalization requires clients to maintain structured, independent lives. For some, partial hospitalization can offer too much flexibility and not enough relapse prevention. In those cases, it’s always best to start with residential treatment. For those with safe, sober homes, however, a PHP can offer the best of both worlds. Many insurance companies can also support clients through longer PHP programs than inpatient programs because of their lower cost.

Our PHP programs Leona Valley Recovery have a wide range of therapeutic and spiritual services for clients in Leona Valley. Bible study, Gestalt therapy, and spiritual advisory are only a few services that make Leona Valley Recovery unique. Our clients also enjoy the benefits of CBT and DBT alongside other types of psychotherapy for evidence-based addiction recovery

Find the Partial Hospitalization Program For You in Leona Valley, California

Choosing the right recovery program isn’t always easy. If you or someone in your life is struggling with substance abuse, let the team at Leona Valley Recovery help. Our intimate clinic provides inpatient and outpatient care in the beautiful Leona Valley, CA. We help our clients recover from detox through relapse prevention planning. Whether you’re transitioning from residential care or ready to begin your first PHP program, the team at Leona Valley is here to help.

Get Started with Partial Hospitalization Treatment at Leona Valley Recovery Today!

Don’t wait, call Leona Valley Recovery now 888.702.1852 to learn more about the benefits of our PHP program and enroll today.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction therapy is essential to successful recovery. At Leona Valley Recovery, we know each client’s addiction experience is unique; that’s why our addiction therapy programs provide a range of psychological services. Our addiction therapy programs balance evidence-based treatment with spiritual care and relapse prevention planning. 


If you or someone you love is ready for addiction therapy and counseling in Leona Valley, CA, Leona Valley Recovery is here for you. Our addiction treatment programs provide California clients with intimate, comprehensive addiction therapy. Call us now at 888.702.1852 to how Leona Valley Recovery can help you with addiction counseling.


What Is Addiction Therapy?

Addiction therapy is a broad term for various kinds of addiction counseling. Understanding the different types of addiction therapy can help clients and their loved ones find the right programs that fit their needs. Most forms of addiction therapy begin with various types of talk therapy. Clients share fears, beliefs, behaviors, memories, and desires with a therapist during talk therapy. These sessions can be individual, group, or family meetings, moderated by licensed therapists. Different therapeutic approaches work differently to help clients reduce addiction triggers, understand the root cause, and make a lasting change in their lives. At Leona Valley Recovery, we offer the following addiction therapy programs:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is a leading evidence-based therapy for recovery. It helps clients achieve behavioral changes at a pace that works for them.


Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

DBT focuses on emotions and emotional tolerance, helping clients withstand painful emotions without turning to substance use.


Introspective counseling therapy (ICT)

ICT helps clients go inward to understand their inner life through soul searching and quiet introspection.


Interpersonal therapy (IPT)

IPT helps clients recognize symptoms and behaviors in their interpersonal relationships.


Gestalt therapy

Gestalt focuses on improving a client’s awareness, freedom, and self-direction for greater self-awareness and life change. It can help clients rewrite their addiction stories.


Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of depth psychology that helps clients understand their moods and emotions.


Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)

REBT helps clients recognize and change harmful belief systems and negative thought patterns.


Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

ACT uses mindfulness tools to help clients stay in the present moment, reducing addiction triggers.


Behavioral modification (ABA)

ABA helps clients make lasting changes through positive reinforcement like other behavioral therapies.


At Leona Valley Recovery, we pair these therapies with stress management, relapse prevention, and spiritual care for holistic addiction therapy.


Benefits of Addiction Counseling

Addiction therapy has wide-reaching benefits. Whether someone is attending group, individual, or family sessions, addiction counseling has the power to create lasting change. Benefits of addiction counseling include:


Emotional resilience

Higher stress tolerance

A greater understanding of self

Fewer addiction triggers

Emotional regulation

Lower stress levels

Improved communication

Higher levels of empathy

Whether it’s someone’s first or 30th day of addiction therapy at Leona Valley, our programs can help clients understand, manage, and balance their mental health, behaviors, moods, and addiction triggers. Group and family therapy can improve relationship dynamics, grow community, and improve communication skills.


Find the Addiction Therapist for You in Leona Valley, California

If you and your loved ones are ready to reap the benefits of addiction therapy, call Leona Valley Recovery today. Our intimate clinic provides inpatient and partial hospitalization programs in beautiful Leona Valley, CA. With detox, stress management, relapse prevention planning, and a comprehensive addiction therapy program, Leona Valley has the support system you and your loved ones need. Our holistic clinic focuses on spiritual counseling and provides intimate care for lasting recovery.


Begin Addiction Therapy Today at Leona Valley Recovery

If you’re ready to learn more about the addiction therapy services at Leona Valley Recovery, don’t wait. Call us now at 888.702.1852 to find the right therapy program for you and your loved ones.

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